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WeReforest is planned to be a non-profit association. Since the association was only founded in November 2022, this status has not yet been officially confirmed yet. The application for recognition of the non-profit status of the association has been submitted

We will keep you informed about this.

This question can only be roughly answered:

  • The average wood stock in the German forests is around 336m3/hectare,
  • the drying density of wood, depending on the tree species, is between 400 and 680 kg/m3 – the average of the tree species mix in German forests is approx. 530 kg/m3.
  • An average cubic meter of forest wood contains around 265kg of carbon, which means that around 1 tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere is bound when it is formed through photosynthesis.
  • This means that around 320 tons of CO2 are bound in one hectare of forest in Germany.

However, it is not the CO2 bound in the wood stock that is decisive for the concrete CO2-reducing effect of the forest, but only the ongoing growth. First of all, this growth increases the standing wood stock of our forests. However, since the stock of wood cannot be increased indefinitely and the lifespan of each tree is finite, it makes sense to use it sustainably before the bound CO2 is released again through dying and rotting processes.

By using the wood in durable products (e.g. timber construction), the climate-damaging CO2 is bound in the long term.

But even the short-term use of the renewable raw material wood, e.g. for heating or as an industrial raw material, has a positive effect on the climate, insofar as it saves fossil fuels and resources.

After successful implementation of the climate forest measure - i.e. after approx. 5 to 7 years - the areas are returned to the care of the area owners. They have contractually committed to professionally maintaining the built and converted inventory for 20 years in line with the agreed project goal. After that, the (young) stocks are managed on the basis of the legal regulations.

Yes. For donations under 300 euros, donors do not need a proof of donation or a donation receipt for their tax return. Simple proof (e.g. a bank statement) is sufficient. Therefore, you will automatically only receive a donation amount of 300 euros or more or, if you wish, a donation receipt from us.

The first climate forest projects will be approved after the application deadline (06/01/2023). Implementation will then take place in the 2023/2024 planting period. The first hectares are therefore expected to be planted in autumn/winter 2023.

Private and municipal forest and land owners with good ideas for their stable forest of the future.

The selection and prioritization of offered climate forest areas and projects is carried out by the WeReforest future forest commission of minimum 5 recognized experts from the fields of economics, forestry and environmental protection, including at least one manager from the private forest, one manager from the corporate forest and one representative from science.

Measures are supported that promise an ecological, qualitative or temporal advantage compared to successive reforestation or natural forest development.

The project aims exclusively at Germany. We design future forests “right on our doorstep” – completely transparent and verifiable on site at any time.

Yes, but - all our climate forest projects aim for stable, vital, species-rich forests and thus also have direct positive effects with regard to the CO2 problem. However, it is not possible to give precise figures on this in individual cases, it would be dubious and would also fall short: CO2 binding is just one of the many positive achievements of our climate forests, which should not be seen in isolation. At least as important are the positive effects on drinking water, soil protection and threatened biodiversity. If the question had been “Can I improve my personal ecological footprint”, the answer would be an unequivocal YES!

Absolutely, because with the support of the project they make an effective contribution to climate, soil, water and species protection.